What You Need to Know About Stream Cliff Farm Winery

 gardenThe Stream Cliff Farm Winery is an extension of existing Herb Farm as well as local Twigs & Sprigs Restaurant. At this Indiana winery, you will find a selection of dry reds and whites all the way to sweet fruit wines. At the Stream Cliff Farm Winery, the selection is broad, and the wines are hand-crafted. You can taste-test some exquisite flavors in the winery dining room or enjoy a nice meal at the Twigs & Sprigs Restaurant. Here is what you need to know about the Stream Cliff Farm Winery before making a visit!

History of Stream Cliff Farm Winery

The farm itself dates all the way back to 1821, when James Harmon ventured from Maine to collect his father’s land grant in Indiana. On this land, he lived in a hollow tree and kept pigs under the floor to keep him warm. He constructed a large barn and hand-baked all the bricks for a house, which he built during the late 1820s and early 1830s. A blacksmith and crafting business was started years later, and has been in operation for almost half a century. This included the sales of crafts, blacksmith items, corn husk dolls, and dried flowers. An interest in good food, culinary herbs, and flowers led to the establishment of the current-day Stream Cliff Farm Winery.

Twigs & Sprigs Restaurant

Though wine is our preferred main course, the adjoining Twigs & Sprigs Restaurant and Tearoom at Stream Cliff Farm Winery offers daily specials featuring fresh seasonal produce. Favorite menu items include Dill & Rosemary Chicken Salad, Birdseed Pasta Salad, Blueberry Walnut Salad, Cilantro Lime Chicken Sandwich, and Hummingbird Cake. Yum! All items found on the menu are created using herbs from the Stream Cliff Farm Winery gardens. Enjoy the large windows and garden themed dining area while indulging in a delicious fresh meal along with your wine.

Candlelight Dinners

The winery dining room is a great space to enjoy winter lunches, candlelight dinners, and general tastings. With a barrel ceiling and old brick floor, this charming room has a welcoming, warm atmosphere that will draw you in and entice you to stay and enjoy a glass or two. Located in an old building that was once a blacksmith shop, this space has a certain character that ties back into its history. During a candlelight dinner, you will receive a special evening with a romantic glow. The meal will begin on the winery porch or tasting room and include some garden punch and cheese and crackers. Then, you will be seated in the dining room and will receive a salad or soup, your main course, freshly baked bread, and a dessert. These gourmet meals are of course prepared with the freshest ingredients found on the farm. Wines may be purchased by the glass or bottle in the winery before or during dinner!

Wine List

Dry Reds:

Iron Hand



Old Bo

Running Horse Red

Dry Whites:

Golden Gallop

My Dolly

Spotted Horse


Sweet Wines:





Black Currant


After the Stream Cliff Farm Winery

After enjoying a few glasses at the Stream Cliff Farm Winery and indulging in a delicious, freshly made dinner at the Twigs & Sprigs Restaurant, come back to Schenck Mansion to relax for the late evening. Our historic, charming, and comfortable accommodations will provide you with a peaceful retreat, and our gourmet breakfast the following morning will prepare you for more adventures during your vacation. For more information on what to do in the area, download our free vacation guide!