3 Reasons You Need to See Madison Vineyards Estate Winery

The Madison Vineyards Estate Winery’s motto is “To Friends, To Family & To the Good Earth!” With those three tenants at the forefront, the Madison Vineyards Estate Winery is dedicated to producing quality wines from their own estate-grown grapes.  This lush vineyard is located just north of the Ohio River, offering 40 acres, free wine tastings, and a variety of cheeses, summer sausages, and crackers on the expansive deck or in the grassy picnic location. Hillsides with exquisite soil and sunshine as well as gorgeous scenery are available at Madison Vineyards Estate Winery, along with a passionate wine heritage. Here are 3 reasons that you should visit the Madison Vineyards Estate Winery during your stay at Schenck Mansion, just a half hour away.

Madison Vineyards Estate Winery Heritage

Vevay, IN, has a strong wine heritage in the state, boasting the first successful commercial winery in the United States. The mission expanded along the Ohio River Valley, from Cincinnati to Louisville, and wine pioneers such as John James Defour and Nicholas Longworth established vineyards and sold their wines all the way from the Mississippi frontier to the Jefferson White House. Madison Vineyards Estate Winery holds onto that long-ago rich heritage with a brilliant revitalization dedicated to the heyday of winegrowing along the Ohio River Valley.

Dry, Off-Dry, and Sweet Wines

The wines available at the Madison Vineyards Estate Winery are birthed in the rich and complex soils of the Ohio River Valley. Wines include dry, off-dry, and sweet options. Dry wines include the crisp Italian blend Ba-Da-Bing! “Bianco,” a light floral white with lemon zest and peach Seyval Blanc. You will find hints of apricot, citrus, and spice in the Petit Blanc. Then, experience a dry red with violet and blackberry flavors, Ba-Da-Bing! “Rosso.” A dark blackberry, peppercorn, raspberry, and mint Noiret is also available.

Off-dry options include the German-style little white Kleineweiss and citrus, peach, and butterscotch Edelzwicker. Sweet wines begin with a red ruby port-esce Black Dog and a fruity sweet white with pineapple, lemon custard, honey, and white raisin flavors, Vidal Blanc. The Country Blush serves as a semi-sweet pink with grape acid, and the fragrant, ripe grape Mystique.

The Beautiful Vineyards

A great reason to visit the Madison Vineyards Estate Winery is the beautiful landscape. This hillside site sloping to the south offers moderate winters and a long, warm growing season. You will escape into nature during your visit. Sip on some delectable wines while taking in the simply stunning views. Enjoy the gorgeous hills and rolling vineyards that Indiana and the Madison Vineyards Estate Winery have to offer! 

After Touring the Madison Vineyards Estate Winery

Enjoy a morning or afternoon at the Madison Vineyards Estate Winery. Then, head back to Schenck Mansion in wine-famous Vevay, IN. Here, at Schenck Mansion, you will receive historic, luxurious accommodations, from claw-foot tubs to heavenly beds. You will also receive a gourmet breakfast each morning of your stay to get your day started off right. For more to do near Schenck Mansion, download our free vacation guide!