Helping You Select from the Best Southeast Indiana Wineries

During your romantic retreat to Schenck Mansion, we recommend exploring the incredible Southeast Indiana wineries that surround us! A major appeal to visiting Southeast Indiana wineries involves the history of Switzerland County and specifically Vevay, which is the home of America’s first successful commercial winery. Discover this rich history firsthand with a wine tasting at a local vineyard! If you’re having trouble selecting the best Southeast Indiana wineries to visit, then consider the wineries involved with the Indiana Wine Trail. This Southeast Indiana branch of wineries exists as somewhat of a vineyard road trip. Six artisan wineries are featured, each reflecting a distinct style and taste, and all within easy travel distance from one another. 

We also have some great recommendations for Southeast Indiana wineries you need to visit. For even more suggestions, download our free Vacation Guide!

Select Your Favorite of These Southeast Indiana Wineries

The Ridge Winery

The Ridge Winery is a Vevay, Indiana, staple that commemorates the vino heritage of Switzerland County with a special blend. The Swiss Heritage Red Wine is a tribute to this wonderful culture, whereas the Rural Cool Riesling features artwork of the historic Switzerland County Courthouse to keep things local. Fruit wines are especially prominent at the Ridge Winery, from blackberry and cherry to peach crush and raspberry. You will love experimenting with new flavors! The Ridge Winery is also a participant in the Indiana Wine Trail, Swiss Wine Festival, Indy International Wine Competition, and Indiana Wine Grape Council.

Lanthier Winery

Just a hop and a skip over in Madison, Indiana, is Lanthier Winery, an 18th-century building turned winery with a cellar tasting room. Dry, semi-sweet, and sweet wines are available regularly, whereas specially released holiday wines are available annually on Thanksgiving weekend and include Snowflake White, Saint Nicholas Blush, and Rudolph Red. Lanthier Winery’s 24-inch thick stone walls and 16-foot wine racks are featured in the cellar tasting room, stocked with award-winning bottles.

Ertel Cellars Winery

When you schedule a tour of Ertel Cellars Winery, you will be able to see gorgeous rolling hills and an expansive vineyard in a peaceful setting. The local charm will pair nicely with a glass of wine grown from the very grapes before your eyes near Batesville, Indiana. Some of these estate-grown wines are a cherry and date Chambourcin, sweet green apple Vidal Blanc, spicy Traminette, and tropical Vignoles. Sweet wines then include a Blush Table Wine, watermelon and cherry Steuben, fruity Pink Catawba, and honey white Vidal Dessert. This is also one of the best Indiana wineries with restaurants attached. You can enjoy a meal along with your wine tasting!

Madison Vineyards Estate Winery

Southeast Indiana wineries are just the thing to preview a gourmet meal at a delicious Vevay, Indiana, restaurant. Better yet! Get food and wine at the same spot, indulging in the best of both worlds. Madison Vineyards Estate Winery, located on a 40-acre plot of land, offers free wine tasting and gift items, as well as a selection of cheeses, summer sausages, and crackers on the large outdoor deck overlooking the vineyards.

Stream Cliff Farm Winery

At the Stream Cliff Farm Winery, the selection is broad, and the wines are hand-crafted. You can taste-test some exquisite flavors in the winery dining room or enjoy a nice meal at the Twigs & Sprigs Restaurant. The farm itself dates all the way back to 1821, when James Harmon ventured from Maine to collect his father’s land grant in Indiana. On this land, he lived in a hollow tree and kept pigs under the floor to keep him warm. He constructed a large barn and hand-baked all the bricks for a house, which he built during the late 1820s and early 1830s. An interest in good food, culinary herbs, and flowers led to the establishment of the current-day Stream Cliff Farm Winery.

Thomas Family Winery

For live music along with your glass of wine, check out weekends at one of the best establishments on our Indiana wineries list, Thomas Family Winery. The main menu includes Gale’s Hard Cider, fermented like an ale with a tangy, strong taste. You will also find Gale’s Michigan Cherry Scrumpy, which is a mixture of sweet and tart cherries with earthy blossom and spice flavors. Other contenders include Sauvignon Blanc, Niagara, Native American Blush, and Rio Red.

Powers Winery

Laughery Creek Valley is home to the Powers Winery, a family hobby turned business. The sweet wines at Powers Winery are extensive and include exotic flavors such as dragon juice, green apple, kiwi pear, pomegranate, white cranberry, black raspberry, wildberry, peach apricot, and more! Seasonal flavors will also draw your attention, from Frosty Rose to Wizard’s Spell. Magical!

Stay in Vevay

All located within an hour of Vevay, Indiana, bed and breakfast Schenck Mansion, these wineries are some of the best in and around historic Switzerland County. Here, grapevine heritage runs deep, and you have a chance to discover it. Select your favorite of these Southeast Indiana wineries to enjoy during your stay. A glass is waiting for you today!