Your Guide to the Best Indiana Wineries

Indiana has some of the best wineries in the country and for good reason. Vevay, Indiana served as the birthplace of the American wine industry in the early 19th century. Since Vevay is also home to Schenck Mansion, you don’t have to travel far to tour the best Indiana wineries. Within an hour of your room in Schenck Mansion, you’ll find seven fantastic wineries open for tastings and tours. So whether you’re following the Southern Indiana Wine Trail or customizing your own, we’ve got the ultimate guide to the best Indiana wineries.

For tips on what to do in between visiting Indiana wineries, download our Vacation Guide. Inside, you’ll get great tips on the best Indiana wineries and breweries as well as other attractions in the area.

Choose From Any of These Great Indiana Wineries

Ertel Cellars Winery

If you’re looking for Indiana wineries with restaurants, start with Ertel Cellars Winery. This upscale restaurant and winery gives you the option of eating in the large dining area or in the scenic outdoor space. The wines are diverse and suitable for every palate. Try the sweet green apple Vidal Blanc, the spicy Traminette, or the tropical Vignoles.

The Ridge Winery

Ridge Winery commemorates 200 years of American wine history. The Swiss Heritage Red Wine is a tribute to the culture that brought winemaking to America. This is also the closest winery to Schenck Mansion, just a seven-minute drive away.

Thomas Family Winery

Thomas Family Winery is a great place to stop in on a Saturday night to hear some great music, play some board games, and sip some delicious wine. Discover famous hard cider, old world salamis, charcuterie, craftsman cheese and bread baked in their own hearth.

Madison Vineyards Estate

If you want to see beautiful landscapes and have an outdoor picnic, Madison Vineyards Estate Winery is the perfect choice for you. This vineyard is located just north of the Ohio River and stretches 40 acres. Madison Vineyards Estate also offers free wine tastings and a variety of cheeses, summer sausages, and crackers to snack on while enjoying the mild weather.

Lanthier Winery

Lanthier Winery is the oldest winery in Madison and a popular tourist destination. It’s housed in an 18th-century building which was originally used as an old fort or outpost. Today, the winery is composed of the cellar tasting room, production room gardens, a loft gallery, and the vineyards. Tours of each of those areas are offered as well as year-round events. Check the winery calendar before your trip to make sure you don’t miss out!

Stream Cliff Farm Winery

Stream Cliff Farm Winery is an extension of the existing Stream Cliff Herb Farm and Twigs & Sprigs Restaurant. The farm dates back to 1821 and is still maintained today. Herbs grown on the farm are used in the dishes at Twigs & Sprigs. There are also classes you can take at the Herb Farm that focus on using herbs and wine in cooking.

Powers Winery

Powers Winery was a family hobby turned business. The wines you will find here are incredibly imaginative, using flavors like dragon juice, kiwi pear, and wildberry. Tastings are by appointment and you can visit their gift shop or one of their Barrel Head & Brushes events. There, participants can paint a barrel head while sipping on some delicious wine.

Stay at Schenck Mansion

Let Schenck Mansion serve as your base during your trip. Before you venture out, start your day with our delicious full breakfast. Once you’re done, our location makes it easy to take a day trip to any of these Indiana wineries or to the surrounding cities of Madison, Cincinnati, or Louisville. After your day adventures, escape to our elegant rooms. Book today and start planning your trip to beautiful Vevay, Indiana.