Did You Know These Fascinating Facts About Indiana State History?

When you visit a new place, it’s good to read up on its history before you go. So, ahead of your stay at Schenck Mansion, learn a little about Indiana state history and how it relates to Vevay. Indiana is a wonderful place to visit and explore with a rich history that it’s ready to tell. This “crossroads of America” (did you know that was the state motto?) has a lot to offer in the when it comes to history, as well as in modern-day attractions and beautiful state park adventures. While you can learn more at the Indiana State History Museum, we will fill you in on a few things you should know. Here is what you need to know about Indiana state history!

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Indiana State History Facts You Should Know

1. During the Civil War, Indiana played a main role in harboring slaves. Newport, Indiana (now Fountain City) was the Grand Central Station of the Underground Railroad. This was due to Levi and Catherine Coffin’s efforts in helping over 2,000 runaways slaves escape north into freedom.

2. There is a town in Indiana called Santa Claus. What a name! Every year at Christmastime, the town receives hundreds of thousands of letters addressed to the guy in the red suit. And, he responds to each one!

3. Indiana state history wouldn’t be complete without its nickname and state attributes. The Hoosier State’s tree is the tulip, the state flower is the peony, and the state bird is the cardinal. Its is 36,417 square miles, and its population (as of 2010) was 6,483,802.

4. Indiana state history begins back in the 1700s when settlers on the East Coast began migrating west in search of farmland. However, Indiana was mainly settled in pursuit of religious freedom. Thus, several denominations have been established, featured in over 7,000 churches which serve about half of the current population.

5. Indiana’s park system is quite extensive and a great reason to travel to the state. The state park system began in 1916 under national conservation movement leader Richard Lieber. Currently, Indiana has 12 state forests, 9 reservoirs, 151 nature preserves, and 18 fish and wildlife areas. These all seek to preserve the pristine nature that can be found throughout the state.

6. Another main focus in Indiana state history is education. The state holds over 370 museums and 2,900 libraries. The state also boasts more Carnegie Libraries than any other state, totaling 164.

7. The biggest attraction in Indiana, without a doubt, is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. This famous historic track hosted the very first Indianapolis 500 mile race on its 2.5-mile track back in 1911. Seating over 250,000, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the world’s largest spectator sporting arena.

8. Indiana state history includes the hometown of Schenck Mansion. Vevay has quite a history of its own. In fact, Vevay is the host of the first commercial winery in the country. Today, the town of Vevay hosts the annual Swiss Wine Festival and Indiana Wine Trail.

History at the Schenck Mansion

Indiana state history also thrives in Schenck Mansion, which was constructed back in 1874 by Benjamin Schenck. Schenck was the son of a wealthy “hay king” of the steamboat era and used his fortune to build the Second Empire style mansion. The magnificent towers, bay windows, high ceilings, and spacious rooms were characteristic of architecture at the time. Now, you can stay in the mansion’s historic rooms. Choose from the Wiseman, Justine Schenck, Eugenia Schenck, Corinne Schenck, and Benjamin and Celestine Schenck rooms. Your stay will make you a part of Indiana state history as well!

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